Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And So It Begins...

After a calm New Year's Eve celebration - no, we did not sample every bottle from the bar - it's time to head back into the salt mines.  I've enjoyed being on vacation these past few days, but I'm happy to get back to work.  It's God ordained and a blessing to be employed.  I know people who constantly think about what they'd do if they had enough money to never work again, but unless you have a plan that involves being productive each day, that sounds like a pretty good recipe for disaster to me.

Not that I wouldn't take more money - who wouldn't?  But money you can earn by the sweat of your brow; time you can not...that's a limited resource that slips away from us every second of every day.  We can't make more of it, and every wasted second, minute, hour, day, comes right out of whatever your appointed time topside of planet earth may be.  So using it wisely with productive activity - i.e., work - seems like the right thing to do.

Sometime in the next few years I'd like to move into or else build a classic, mcm ranch:

Found those plans online and actually had an architect draw up something for us, modifying them a bit to fit our needs.  We'll see how it goes...gotta get the 15 year old through high school, so we may wait until then.

More favorite items, this time a couple of vintage toys:

That's a Marx battery operated train set, and a 1960's Schuco monorail...a German toy produced for Disney when they opened Disneyland (that's "land", not "world")...they wanted to be able to sell a toy version of their ultra popular monorail ride.

Unfortunately, the Schuco toys never really sold that well...they were pricey for the early 60's, and highly technical.  The layout I have is very simple, but they're capable of much larger layouts with multiple trains that auto sense (through switches) when to stop so another train may pass.  Here's a recent video on youtube of a two train layout:

Schuco monorails are a bit eclectic, but a cool mcm toy from back in the day.

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