Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Buried... the winter blast continues...somewhere under Snow Mountain is our's what it looks like during the summer:

I think I prefer summer to winter...martinis and bikinis, anyone?

Short entry today b/c I'm ready to fall into bed...had to snowblow the driveway twice today...once at lunchtime when I braved the 3.5 miles from work in search of sustenance, and then again when I got home from work after 6...still had to get a workout done on the bike and the total gym, and now I'm ready to collapse.

Not a favorite thing, but a defining moment in our nation's history and psyche:

That's the Dec 6th, 1963, edition of Life - original cover stand price, 25 cents - covering the burial of President Kennedy...I admit it, I cried while I read it.  I was only seven when it happened, but I remember the principal of the William B. Travis elementary school in Marshall, Texas, coming into our classroom and telling our pretty first grade teacher that President Kennedy had been shot.  She burst into tears, we were all dismissed, and for the next week all we saw on TV were black and white images of a nation in mourning.  A sad interlude, and a turning point in a our nation as we became more jaded, disillusioned, and distrustful.

Heavy sigh...

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