Saturday, January 4, 2014

Living For The Weekend...

...which is something I rarely do...especially considering this was a very short work week...only Thursday and Friday...but it is nice to have a couple of days off to ease the re-entry into the workaday world.

The above is a shot of our living room, all dressed up for the Preway fireplace and nine foot tree...but since it's now officially post-New Year's, it's time to de-decorate.  I'm sorry to see the holidays go, but I'm also ready to get back to the regular routine.

Sadly - especially considering it was 1 below zero yesterday morning on my way to work - I'm also ready for summer...but here in the frozen northland, summer is a very long way off.  On the plus side, we do have a vacation coming up pretty soon...we're taking the California Zephyr to Colorado, and then flying from there to Palm Springs for a few days.  Should be in the 70's to 80's, which will be a truly wonderful change...then we'll fly back to the loving embrace of Ol' Man Winter for a few more months.

A vintage item I just got off etsy from "thewhitepepper", a cool source for mid century and retro items...these are brass drama masks, which I put above the tv in our theater room:

Are they creepy or cool?  I like them, because I used to see them when I was a kid in the 60's in friends' houses.

I think the first time I gained any sense of what has become known as mid century modern was in the mid 60's, when we ended up staying for a few weeks with an aunt and uncle down south.  They lived in a beautiful mcm ranch and that turned into a formative experience.  For years after I couldn't name what I liked in terms of architecture and home decor, but I knew it when I saw it...been chasing it ever since.

More favorite items, probably my favorite Marx toys of all time:

That's a 1963 battery operated Frankenstein, and the little one in the foreground is a small, windup version of Big Frank.  The battery operated version sold for around $5 or $6 back in 63; one in working condition with an original box will run you close to $1500 now.  If only I'd been the type of kid who actually took care of his toys instead of playing with them...

To see Franky and some of his friends in action, go here:

It's a sunny day, a veritable heat wave out least 30 degrees warmer than yesterday which means it's only a couple of degrees below freezing right now...time to carpe diem.

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