Sunday, January 12, 2014

Movie Weekend...

...and in this rare case, the movie is actually better than the story.  There have only been a few times I've watched a movie based on a story or novel and come away thinking that - Jaws and Forrest Gump leap to mind - but this is one of those cases.

The Fitzgerald short story is set in Antebellum Baltimore, MD; the movie begins as World War I ends.  In the short story Benjamin Button is born an old man, able to talk and complain immediately upon birth.  In the movie he's an infant, apparently suffering from progeria, but in every other way a newborn.

My 22 year old stepdaughter saw the movie a couple of years ago and felt it was too slow and not very good.  Karen and I watched it and were blown away by just how good this movie really is.  That's not a slap at my stepdaughter; it's simply a time of life thing.  You probably need to be 40 or older to appreciate the subtle nuances of this film.  If you've suffered some of life's setbacks, endured some loss, buried a loved one, you'll appreciate the sensitivities presented here.  Get ready to cry; this is not a feel good movie, but then the Scriptures say the heart of the wise in the house of mourning; the heart of fools is in the house of laughter.

The other movies we watched were the two versions of "The Sound of Music"; first the live version with Carrie Underwood, and then the 1965 original with Julie Andrews...both excellent in their own way.  It's usually a bad idea to remake a classic, but Ms. Underwood and crew did well...both are worth your time.

Visited #4 son, his wife and baby today...didn't see them at Christmas so exchanged gifts Karen said on our way home, "there...Christmas is finally complete"...and it is.  Chris is an excellent handyman type so he showed me all the improvements he's made to his home...very impressive.  Two of the gifts they gave us were Spiegelau craft beer glasses and some good craft beer.

When we got home I poured myself a Founders Ale "Dirty Bastard" beer in my brand spanking new Spiegelau glass, lit an Arturo Fuente "short story" cigar, and enjoyed them both in my garage.

Made me think about the mid century modern ranch I want to build.  Lord willing, we'll have a bowling lane in the basement, a wet bar, and a smoking lounge complete with a special hvac system for adequate ventilation.  I do NOT want the house to smell like cigars, but neither do I want to go out to the garage in the winter to enjoy a good A.F. short story.  Maybe we'll just build this ranch somewhere south of here, where the winters are warmer.

In the "favorite mid century modern" item section, here's an original Mr. Mercury with box:

There were 3 versions of this toy; this is the earliest, and it was a favorite toy back in 1962 or 63 when I was a kid in Texas.  I used to build wood block houses and then Mr. Mercury would wade in and knock them down.  This one is in great condition...all 4 features work as they should:

As Mary Hopkins sang, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end...

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