Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day...

...did you remember??

roses and a cake for Karen
You don't need to have an enchanted evening on a high rise balcony in mid century modern splendor, but you should remember your loved one...bring them a rose, a card, and a bottle of champagne (don't gag...Barefoot Wines makes a respectable champagne for less than $10 a bottle...a bit of the bubbly at a price you can afford).

Most important?  Say "I love you" and mean get your Cupid on and be a hero.

In the continuing saga of my new found passion for vintage Ronson lighters, my Junior Bartender had to be sent out for repairs to Bob Adams (  Disappointing since it was listed as "working", which it definitely was not when received.  Here's a pic of the poor lass on the operating table in Dr. Adams' Laboratory (pronounced "la-bore-a-tory"):
Dr. Adams assures me that while all the kings horses and all the kings men may not have a clue, never fear: he knows how to put Ms. Jr. Bar back together again.  When he does, she'll look like this:

And to prove that all Ronson roads pass through, see the "Maltese Falcon" touch tip lighter in the top left of the above picture?  That's a lighter I bought from another seller in Ohio, but he sent it to Bob for repair before sending it on to me.  It's referred to as the "Maltese Falcon" b/c of its starring role in the 1941 Humphrey Bogart film of the same name:
movie screen shot courtesy of Bob Adams
That's Bogey using the Ronson to light up another cigarette in this most famous of the film noir entries.

Also picked up a beautiful Ronson Zephyr (not an Ultra Case as I thought...thank you Bob Adams for the correction) from The Classic Collector in New Mexico (

Here's a video of this working cigarette case / lighter:

(Yes, that's CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" playing in the background on my 1933 Colonial "New World" Globe radio.)  It's a beautiful piece, and I should note the Ronson Ten A Case and the Ronson Pal I showed earlier were also purchased from the Classic Collector...he is a pleasure to deal with and a seller with integrity...highly recommended.

Enjoyed an hour of conversation with my youngest son, Benjamin, tonight.  When he was just a lad we nicknamed him "the man of few words" b/c he was, well, taciturn...if he strung 4 words together at a time we considered it a speech of epic he's actually preaching sermons on Sunday as a fill in for his pastor and regaling me with stories of his life.

An eternal truth: people will surprise you, even those you think you know.  Love you, Benjamin.

And that's the way it is on this Valentine's Eve, 2014...

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