Monday, February 17, 2014

Movie Weekend...

...among other things.

Karen and I have a modest home theater room, and I do mean was a storage area in our basement that we cleared, then hired my son Chris to refurbish, repair and revamp.  When he was finished it was a cozy area, an intimate setting that's ideal for watching a favorite movie... we managed to fit in Four Weddings And A Funeral, Forget Paris, The Maltese Falcon, and The Big Sleep...perfect fare for yet another frozen, winter weekend...the latter two being film noir from the 1940's...the last one a Bogey and Bacall classic.

I do think movies back then were better in many ways than what we have today.  Then they had to leave it between the lines, and so the players had to act...instead of throwing buckets of blood and gore on the audience they had to build actual suspense.

And sexuality?  Those movies were dripping with it.  Today's movies are about as interesting as watching two dogs mating on a street corner...back then the heat was a volcanic flow under the surface...relational...conveyed in a gesture, a lingering look, a phrase left unsaid.

You want to see a true seduction?  Watch the scene between Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest when he lights her cigarette with a match, pulls his hand away, and she takes his hand, pulls the still lit match back toward her lips and...whoooh...gently blows it out.

If you can't feel the heat in that scene you need to check your pulse.

One thing I had forgotten is how much they smoked in those films...everyone is lighting up in every scene, but that was the WWII generation.  I'm not a health nazi...I tend toward libertarian views tempered by my faith in Christ...but the tobacco companies must have loved Hollywood back then.

Are we better people for having watched these films?  Perhaps not, but we enjoyed our time together and that by itself made them worthwhile.

Another favorite item:
Ok, this is not a true, mid century modern's a Predicta Meteor, but made by the now defunct Telstar corporation, not Philco...and it was produced in the 1990's, so it's a color tube tv, not a black and white like the original 1959 version.  I do own an original, working, barberpole Predicta, but I admit it...I like this one better.  It's a very cool design Philco wishes they'd come up with back in the day, and it's color...very watchable, and definitely captures the essence of the mcm aesthetic.

Until next time...

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