Friday, February 7, 2014

Working More...

...and enjoying it less.

So how's that for a spectacular bar?  I think that's what's going to be next to the bowling lane in the basement of our mcm ranch home.  It will be the seamless melding of two, usually separate and distinct aesthetics in one fluid blend of art deco and mid century modern motifs...following the natural progression of the 1920's and 30's into the 1940's and 50's, only this time, instead of one giving way to the other, they'll stand proudly side by side in a symphony of artistic cohesion.   Or something like that.

Work is probably going to kill me...the never ending stress of long hours and constant deadlines as we seek to meet every growth opportunity in an efficient, timely manner.  Don't get me wrong...I'm both thrilled and thankful to be employed by a good company, especially in this disastrous Obama economy...but the truth is, I am, in fact, working more and enjoying it less.  It could be as simple as a long winter and rarely seeing the sunshine that is wearing me down...let's hope.

Any "It's A Wonderful Life" fans out there?  If so, here's a original Midland Jump Spark lighter, purchased from Bob Adams of :

So that's the Jump Spark Lighter on the left, a Ronson "Ten A Case" lighter and cigarette case next to it, a Ronson Pal lighter and cigarette case next to that, and the previously featured Ronson Streamline lighter in the background.

Here's a video of the Jump Spark lighter in action (please recite, "I wish I had a million dollars!" just before you click on play):

How cool is that?  Very.

Can't wait until summer when I can light up an Arturo Fuente Short Story using my Jump Spark lighter and enjoy it outside...

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