Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bogey and Baccall... Dark Passage...another great film noir entry from the 1940's.  Watched it this weekend while I was working out on my bike and Total Gym.  One notable moment if you're a Ronson lighter fan...near the end when Bogey is confronting his wife's murderess - Agnes Moorehead, best known to the next generation as Endora, Sabrina's mom on the tv show "Bewitched" - he lights a cigarette with a Ronson touch tip lighter...another instance of "Ronson in the movies"...some collector trivia there.

So my son who suffered a stroke is doing better with each passing day, praise God in heaven.  It has become clear his stoke was caused by a chiropractic neck adjustment, so there will be insurance issues to contend with, and possibly lawyers, depending.  He's in a rehab facility for at least the next week, maybe more based on his progress.  My sincere thanks to those who expressed concern for him and are praying for his recovery.

Karen and I watched a pretty good movie this weekend:
Ok, I admit this is light fare, but after the emotional intensity of the last couple of weeks, this was just fine.  Chris Evans does a good job of pulling off the "little guy turns superhero" role, and Haley Atwell made a good love interest for him.  Karen and I were sad they didn't get together in the end, and speaking of the was clever - even hopeful - when he wakes up in what seems to be a New York hospital listening to a baseball game from 1941 - but ultimately a bit offputting the way they so obviously set up the sequel.

Even so, it's a feel good flick if you're of a certain age where you were raised on American exceptionalism and the basic goodness of this country.  It may not be popular today, but the truth is a large part of the world would be goose stepping and speaking German if it wasn't for the US of A saving their butts back in 1945.

On the mid century modern front, I'm buying a couple of Ronson Rosewood Candles, from Bob Adams of Ronson Repair   These are fabulous, butane, candles that really capture the Danish Modern aesthetic of the late 1950's / early 1960's:

These are pics on Bob's workbench...more pics to follow once I receive them.

I am so sick of winter I can hardly stand's March 9th, and usually by this time we've had at least a hint of spring, but not this year.  A sure sign I am aging, because I am ready to move several states south of here and do pretty much anything else but endure another Michigan winter.  Cannot WAIT for some sunshine and warm weather...shut the gate, open the pool, and dive into another season of martinis and bikinis...

Come on, summer...

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