Sunday, April 13, 2014

Change Afoot...


Karen found a home she's interested in, so we're doing the "due diligence" thing at the moment.  There are a number of upgrades / modifications that would have to be made before we'd say "go", but we're walking through the property for the 2nd time next week with a couple of contractors, so we'll see.

One thing that has to be possible is a bowling lane in the basement.  I like where I'm at right now, and have no intention of moving just for the sake of moving.  One of my requirements is my next home - hopefully my last home - will have space for the bowling lane.  It ain't cheap...probably $70k to $80k for installation...and of course there will be more expenses related to decor around the lane...seating, a bar, etc.

Another piece I'm hoping to pick up later this week is the Ronson Rondette:

This is a fabulous piece from 1934, a Ronson table lighter.  Love the art deco styling and can't wait to see it displayed on the bar counter top.

This past week at work was relatively calm, b/c many people fled the northland for parts south since it was spring break week.  Almost every day was light traffic to and from work, a true delight.  Tomorrow all those angry and depressed vacationers trudge back to their jobs, so it promises to be another unpleasant Monday.

Heavy sigh...

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