Monday, May 19, 2014

Lazy Weekend...

...not quite warm, not quite cold, but a little sunshine now and then.  Saw this sign while we were driving through Grandville...opening today, I believe...hope they've got some good stuff b/c I love their sign.  We'll check them out this week.

Got an early Christmas present on Friday from Bob Adams of RonsonRepair...he sent along a very cool, mid century modern Ronson Twenty Case lighter:

 Just Bob being generous again....Thank you!

Saturday I had breakfast with a friend, then Karen and I did some shopping and night we watched "The Invisible Woman":
It's the story of Charles Dickens and his long term affair with a much younger woman...rated R, though I have no idea why...there's nothing in this that's overtly sexual...set in Victorian times, every emotion is subdued and constrained by societal mores and consists more of flowery language than animal lust.  It's tame compared to most of today's lurid fare.

We liked it, but it's not hard to see why it didn't do well in the's a slow moving relationship movie, and since most people today couldn't identify who Charles Dickens was to save their distracted, ADD lives, it's of little interest to the masses.  Well acted, but a mood piece for sure.

Sunday was low key...worked in the backyard in the afternoon when it warmed up a little...that's slowly taking shape.  As always I had work issues to tend to, and once again the weekend flew by just in time to deposit us at the start of another work week.

Later, mcm fans...

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