Sunday, May 4, 2014

To build...

...or not to build...that is our question.  We'll talk with Brian and Kris Troxel of this coming Thursday to try and sort it out.  They come highly recommended so we're excited to begin the conversation.  More to come...

On the collecting front, that Ronson Rondette I bought from a seller in England arrived at Bob Adams place, he of fame.  He turned it around in no time flat, and I am now not the just proud owner but also the happy possessor of this fabulous, art deco lighter from the 1930's: 

The Rondette in front of my Wondergram portable record player and Sparton Bluebird radio.
He also threw in this beautiful, art deco, knife edge cigarette case:
The knife edge case in front of my 1927 Western Electric 102 B1 telephone
As always, thank you Bob for your excellent work and all the extras you provide!

Karen and I watched a fabulous film this weekend...hadn't seen it in years and had forgotten just how good it really is:
It's the story of Eric Liddel, great Scottish middle distance runner, and Harold Abrahams, great English (Jewish) sprinter, who compete in the 1924 Olympics in Paris.  If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it.  Unless you're an insensitive philistine, you'll love the drama and excitement of two world class athletes finding the best in themselves.  It's a story of honor, loyalty, sacrifice and commitment, qualities sorely lacking in most of us today.

Staring into the gaping maw of another work week, but first...must watch a disappointing episode of Mad Men, if only for the memory of what that show used to be back when it was still know, mid century modern and not hippie / 70's garbage.

Later, mcm fans.

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