Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Friendly Reminder...

...this is, in fact, The Atomic Monster Cafe...and that is my Atomic Monster.  I love Mr. Bolts, not just for his dashing, good looks and clever witticisms, but also for his, um, lessee, well, let's come back to that one a little later in the program.

Wrapping up a pleasant weekend...not sure how old you have to be for "pleasant" to serve as an acceptable substitute for "exciting", but apparently I've reached that age.  It's also the same age when you look better from a distance than you do up close, because your face starts to resemble a map of wilderness places no one wants to know, "pleasant".

So besides the usual backyard fun involving splashing in the pool, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars (though to be strictly accurate, Karen does not drink whiskey nor smoke cigars), we also watched a couple of good movies this weekend:  Lemony Snicket's "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" - Jim Carrey is hilarious, and Emily Browning is adorable...

...and The Great Gatsby, starring Leo DiCaprio, the newly self-ordained global warming guru, and Tobey MaGuire, on loan from the Spiderman franchise.

 I think I reviewed this film in a previous entry, so won't belabor it here...only to say it's truer to the book than any of its predecessors...and the opening is brilliant, combining the real life struggles of its author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, with the book's fictional narrator, Nick Caraway.  I also appreciated the film's tip of the hat to Trimalchio, character of ancient Roman literature referenced once in Fitzgerald's book.

What I liked best of all the glittering, art deco, objets d'art in the movie - and the movie is a visual feast - was the 1920's Classic Jumbo tabletop, lift arm cigarette lighter:

Adding another item to my list of collectibles...

...remembered what else I love about Mr. Bolts...his indefatigable ability to go for days without sleep...look into my're getting sleepy...sleepy...nope, not Mr. B...same wide eyed stare as always.

Looking forward to a little time off this week as we approach our nation's 238th birthday...I'll have more to say about that on July 4th, but God bless America, land that I love.

Later, mcm fans...

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