Sunday, October 5, 2014


...for whiskey.  Well, more accurately, it was bowling with whiskey, which probably accounted for this aberrant score of 216.  First time I've broken 200 with my "dice" ball:
The reason that's significant is b/c the core of the ball makes it impossible for it to curve or hook at can only throw a straight ball with it.  The only other times I've broken 200 - and let's be honest, there haven't been that many - have been with a ball that hooks, which typically gives a little more pin action.  A great bowler I'm not, so it was fun to roll a game with no opens, five strikes and score above 200.  For whatever reason, this game I was able to throw with a little more velocity and still hit my spot.

Karen had a pretty good game, too, as evidenced by her 147.  These were our second games and we wisely called it a day, knowing the most likely place to go was downhill from we ended on a high note and moved on to other things, like grabbing fish and chips at Chequers, then strolling the antique mall in Douglas for an hour.  It was a good day.

That night - Saturday - we watched "Four Weddings And A Funeral" - Hugh Grant, Andie McDowell - a great flick from twenty years ago....

...hard to believe it's been that long...and I do believe this was Hugh Grant's best film.  In succeeding films he's been pigeonholed as the impossibly clever rom-com leading man...he's packaged and polished with a surefire formula he can deliver in his sleep.  In this film he's fresh and genuine and you easily imagine he actually is the character he plays.  There are marvelous scenes like the one with him and George at the Boatman pub, and his speech at the first wedding as best man.  Love the English, understated humor, including their general disdain for all things American.  Definitely worth watching more than once, if only to catch the subtle throw away lines you'll miss the first time or two.

Our weather has decidedly changed to Autumn now, and in general it's depressing...cloudy, cold, rainy...summer, where have you gone?  Was it something we said??  Not ready for the change of seasons, but here we are.

So today - Sunday - has been the usual stroll through melancholia as I face the inevitable return to shangri-la now that we've entered the dreaded fourth quarter.

Doesn't help my mood any that the Lions managed to blow a two touchdown lead and lose in the last 30 seconds on a field goal, after our hopeless kicker missed three - count'em, three - field goals that would have put the game out of reach.

And to add to the fun, the Tigers got swept in the ALDS, losing game three at home today.  As one of my sons said, The Tigers are like hot pockets...
...they smell good while they're cooking but they make you vomit at the end.

If the Detroit sports teams were the stock market, this would be the crash of '14. 

Getting back to work...somehow I have managed to build a career in an industry that sucks all the joy and happiness right out of the holiday season...which season, I might add, presses hard upon us, starting this month with Halloween...

...which graciously gives way to Thanksgiving...

...and finally to Christmas.

Ok, so I left out New Year's...
 ...let us raise a glass to a hopeful future.

But can I enjoy them?  Hardly.  Work becomes ever more intrusive, frantic, panicked, and stressful as we race around at 100 mph, 7 days a week, to accomplish what?  Saving the world, one skein of yarn at a time.  How noble.

This, methinks, needs to change,

Later, mcm fans...

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