Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More snow...

...and Old Man Winter can kiss my booty.  I'm already sick of this and we haven't even started yet...gonna be a long, cold, winter this year...def thinking about moving someplace warmer.

A picture we have on the wall going upstairs:
Don't know if it's art, but I love the elegant, art deco vibe.

When I was in high school, Arlo Guthrie had a hit with "The City Of New Orleans"...I liked the song, and gathered it had something to do with train travel, but at the time didn't realize he was talking about an actual, named, train route.

Looked it up on the Amtrak site the other day, and am seriously thinking about taking either that train out of Chicago to New Orleans, a 19 hour, overnight trip...or else the Southwest Chief, from Chicago to Santa Fe, NM, a 24 hour, overnight trip:

New Orleans is tempting in January b/c the weather is a little nicer there, and of course it has all that history of jazz, mardi gras, etc...but Santa Fe is a smaller city and would probably be less stressful.  I'm more a fan of wide open spaces and peaceful vistas than I am of busy cityscapes.

Still have to convince K either of those is a good idea...and it's not cheap...a sleeper car for these trips would run us anywhere from $750 to $950, and that's one night, one way...doesn't include us finding our way to Chicago somehow - nor the motels while we're in either New Orleans or Santa Fe - nor the trip back...we'd probably fly back so we could go directly home instead of dealing with Chicago again.  Decisions, decisions...

Shifting gears, that Stromberg Carlson "Fat Boy" phone I ordered arrived:
Love the looks of this wonderful, 80 year old phone.  Special thanks to Richard Rose of, from whom I bought it.  He has a great collection of classic phones at reasonable prices...mostly Ericofon, obviously, but also others.  Richard is knowledgeable, helpful, and a pleasure to do business with.  If you love classic phones - and you should - check out his website.

Later, mcm fans...

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