Sunday, November 23, 2014


...through the decades.  An updated view of my phone collection since I decided to have American made phones throughout...replaced the 1930's Danish made KTAS D30 with the Stromberg Carlson "Fat Boy" (3rd phone from the right).  Sometime in the next month or so I hope to add a 1905 Kellogg "Grabaphone" to my collection...

...this was a "pre-dial" know, pick up the phone and ask the operator to connect you to Pennsylvania 6-5000...though really, that's a 1940's phone number (and swing song) 1905 it would have been more like "Operator, get me 1052 please" since phone numbers were only 4 digits long.  Richard Rose from is working on it for me.

Snow's almost gone now, thankfully...temps have warmed up into the 40's, and raining...suits me fine as mid-November was way too early for that much of the white stuff.
Mr. Squirrel dining on the remains of a Jack-O-Lantern during our snow storm.

Tomorrow starts a very busy week and the official start of our peak season at work...I'm so excited I could spit, but spitting is a nasty habit so I won't.

Later, mcm fans...

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