Saturday, December 13, 2014


...with some of the was good of them to attempt a group photo.  Here are some individual pics of the kids:
Isaac, age 10

Isaiah, age 13

Marcellus, age 16

Miriam, age 8

The Mighty Quinn, age 4

Silas, age 2

Simeon, age 6

Tionna, age 15

K and I took the sleigh to their house and dropped off some gifts...I even dressed up as the Jolly Old Elf himself for the occasion:
me looking ridiculous in a rented SC suit...dig those boots with bells...
Love that aluminum's another video of the trains under the tree...added a 1930's Marx M-10000 train to the mix:

It's company Christmas party least we have more to celebrate this year than last...we've performed pretty well during the insanity that is the Christmas rush at work.  If people drink too much this year, it won't be because of any work related disasters.

Later, mcm fans...

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