Sunday, December 14, 2014


...Christmas party at the Richard App Gallery at 910 Cherry elegant setting for our get together.  Enjoyed cocktails, good food, and music.

Black tie, so we dressed for the occasion:

Best part was looking at some very cool, rare prints in the gallery.  Richard App showed me some new ones they just acquired of Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, and Mickey Mantle in the 1950's.  The Cuban government owns the negatives, so no more prints are being produced.

My favorite, however, is this one of Rocky Marciano:
That split nose is gruesome, but a testament to what a warrior he truly was in the ring.  It's from 1954 and his rematch with Ezzard Charles...the fight was in danger of being stopped due the severity of his injury but he fought on and knocked out Charles in the 8th round.  Marciano retired as the only undefeated, untied heavyweight champion in history.

This Christmas season has been very hectic at work, and thus muted from a holiday standpoint...but K did get our 9 foot Christmas tree decorated a while ago:

She also came home with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts the other day and we both liked the box cover...probably doesn't qualify as great art, but it's got a retro cool holiday vibe going:

Merry Christmas, mcm fans...

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