Friday, January 2, 2015


...Shiny, New least we hope it will be, as we do every year.

Of course none of them are, completely...they come prepackaged with their share of tears, trials, and disappointments...this is after all, planet earth, not heaven.

But with the right attitude of faith in God and a commitment to hard work and sacrifice, you can make the years worthwhile...and that's the goal for 2015...a year worth living, a year focused on God's will and our good.  We press on.

So holidays officially over and time to get back into the normal rhythm of life.  In my younger days I was always sad to see them go...not anymore...I'm tired of the overexposed, hyper-saturated holiday seasons, and next year I will work on tamping that down.  Can't do anything about society at large, but I can within my humble domain...more to come.

Breakfast of champions today:
Gotta love Marge's Donuts...and cookies.  Go Lions!

Plenty of work related stuff to do today, but supposed to be on vacation, so maybe we'll try our luck at the black arts of ten pinnery later on...or browse some antique stores.

Later, mcm fans...

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