Sunday, January 18, 2015

Up On The Housetop..., click, click.  Here's the view from a distance:
Sometimes when I'm working in my loft I hear the pitter patter of little I know why.

Steve Hilsz repaired my Kellogg Grabaphone for me:
Did a great job and it works now I have "completed" - a relative term for any collector - my "Talk Through The Decades" display of vintage telephones:
The panoramic pic is a little dark to the far right, but moving from right to left I have the early 1900's represented by the Kellogg Grabaphone...note the lack of a dial...back then you picked up the phone and waited for the operator to come on the line...then you requested she connect you to your 4 digit number ("Peekskill 4572 please")  After that we have the 19teens represented by an American Telephone and Telegraph model 997 candlestick dial phone...the 1920's by a Western Electric 102B1 - my personal favorite...just like the way it looks and feels in my hand - the 1930's by the Stromberg Carlson "Fat Boy" phone...the 1940's by the Western Electric model 302...the 1950's by the Western Electric space saver phone...and the 1960's by the Ericofon.

Civilization has always been dependent on communication for the dissemination of information and the telephone has been critical to this process for more than a century.  Though I'm not a fan of talking on the phone - hearing loss issues - I've always recognized its importance and appreciated the stylistic variations through the decades.  I'm quite pleased with this small collection.

Bought a new fedora:
Secret Agent Man...they're giving you a number, and taking away your name...

Later, mcm fans...

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