Saturday, February 14, 2015


...Valentine's Day!

Hope I'm not violating any copyright laws...that's today's "Brewster Rockit" comic strip written and illustrated by Tim that comic...the guy's a genius and did a perfect job of capturing the essence of this day for most couples...who me, cynical?

Here's a little bit of how we celebrated today:

Roses, cake, and pink champagne...c'mon boys and girls, get your cupid on.

Snowing and blowing today, with temps headed toward zero and wind chills down to 25 below:
Shoveled the deck, sidewalk and front steps and it is seriously cold today...think I'll spend the rest of the day inside by the fire...

Of course, our furry woodland creature friends don't have that option, so I tossed out some peanuts for them today:
Mr. Squirrel enjoying a frozen snack on my armillary sundial.  Might as well use it as picnic table b/c it's sure not getting much use as a sundial in this dark, cold, winter.

Snapped this pic of the Triumvirate of Terror, currently wintering in my garage:
The creature from the Black Lagoon - for whom Marilyn felt sorry in "The Seven Year Itch" - the scarecrow, and of course my favorite, Mr. Bolts.  Hang on boys, All Hallows Eve will be here before you know it...

Saw a good flick last night..."The Rewrite" with Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei...very clever, upbeat film and def worth a look.
As you would expect in a Hugh Grant rom-com, there are many funny throw away I thought was particularly clever was when he was commenting on Marisa Tomei's character's consistent optimism:  "It's very American, like country music, or, um, obesity..."

A recent ebay purchase:
Fatima cigarette dispenser...needs a little cleanup and a lid, but allegedly works correctly.  Yet another art deco objet d'art for this mid century modern collector...hhhmmmm...

Happy Valentine's Day, art deco / mcm fans...

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