Sunday, March 1, 2015


...stuff.  This is a Ronson double cigarette box touch tip lighter, courtesy of Bob Adams of

As you can see, it has a beautiful, art deco design, and since Bob restored / repaired it, of course it works flawlessly.
It's made for filterless cigarettes, like Camels, but conveniently, it works very well for Punch mini-cigarillos, too:

Very cool stuff...thank you, Bob!

I mentioned an ebay purchase a little while ago:
That's a Fatima cigarette dispenser, made in the 1920's by Kindel and Graham in San Francisco...a little rough when I got it, but it works...fill her with filterless cigarettes - or Punch mini-cigarillos - press the button and a cigarette pops out her mouth.

Here's how she looks now that I've repaired her turban, given her a new jewel, touched up a few rubs and applied a coat or two of Old English for dark woods to her:
Looking a little healthier now...still needs a lid, and I'll probably ask one of my sons who's into woodworking to hand craft me something for that.

Overall I'm pleased with how she looks...still retains that classic patina of a bygone era, but no longer looks neglected and forgotten.

Later, mcm fans...

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