Sunday, March 15, 2015

Early Morning...

...moon...standing outside on Saturday morning, enjoying the solitude of the pre-dawn moonlight.

Also enjoyed the first fire of the season, doing my best to will an early arrival for Spring:
Oh yeah...can't wait for spring and summer to get here...and already dreading their too soon exit.  I must be getting old when I'm anticipating the end of a season before it's even started.

So first week back in the saddle was rough as expected...and to make matters worse, Karen insisted I sit with her and watch a TV show about how the lottery changed the winners' lives.  Sometimes those shows are all about the misery and trouble all that money visited on the poor fools...but this one highlighted the ecstasy they were experiencing because of their new found wealth.  Great!  I'm so happy for them I could spit!

But speaking of TV, that 1958 GE "slimline" project I mentioned months ago is nearing completion.  Kevin (a friend from work) has retrofitted it with a flat screen TV and a PS3 dvd player, and it's almost finished.  (Don't worry, antique tv purists...the original tube and chassis are going to a collector who will make good use of them).  Here's a pic of the original TV...I'll have "finished product" pics soon:
Can't wait...

Saw this Ronson cigarette dispenser on ebay the other day:
I think that might be next on my the cool, art deco lines of that lighter.

Beware the ides of March, mcm fans...

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