Sunday, May 10, 2015


...weekend...but Karen made a lot of progress this week on the's undergoing the annual transformation into the resort / oasis look I've come to know and love over the last several years.  With all the flowers and plants Karen added this week, and all the work she did in the gardens, painting the deck and fences, etc, now we're just waiting on things to bloom and grow.

May is a gorgeous month in Michigan, and almost makes me forgive the transgressions of winter...almost...
lilacs in bloom, looking like luscious grapes...

if only the blooms would last longer than a week...

So we struggled through another week in the salt mines, and stumbled into the weekend.  Friday night we watched "How To Marry A Millionaire" - Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall - 

a clever story from 1953 about three scheming single women focused on snagging a rich husband.  As always Marilyn steals every scene she's in...whatever "star power" is, she had it in spades, and anyone unfortunate enough to be on camera when she is gets instantly relegated to background scenery.

Saturday was pretty low key, a day filled with gentle, spring rain and lots of we decided to browse antique shops.  No big finds, but did  latch onto this:
That's a Cutty Sark bar lamp we purchased at Lost And Found on Century Ave...pretty of course I had to try some Cutty Sark, a blended Scotch whisky.  Supposedly got its start in 1923 during the prohibition era when a Colonel McCoy began importing it to the states to supply (illegally) the thirsty masses.  Allegedly, the colonel was so rigorous re: the quality of the alcohol he provided that we got the saying "the real McCoy" from his honest dealings in the dishonest profession of bootlegging.  Go figure.

Got roses and perfume for Karen for Mom's day...and today she wanted to trek down to Saugatuck / Douglas.  We browsed the antique mall there but didn't see anything compelling.

After that she wanted to bowl a few games at the Lakeview Lanes - 
...only it's not the Lakeview Lanes anymore...some other name that escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, we bowled three games and didn't do terrible, so that was a relief.  Had supper there afterward, then drove into Saugatuck proper for a cup of coffee and a little more shopping for Karen.

Now we're ready (? didn't win the lottery this week so I guess...) to plunge into another week.

Before we do, here's another installment of the wildly popular video series, "A Day In The Life Of A Vintage Toy"...

Later, mcm fans...

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