Sunday, June 21, 2015


...Solstice...about 23,000 people showed up at Stonehenge this morning to watch the sunrise.  Personally I would have been more likely to visit this:
...not as crowded and a bit more clever.  Dubbed "fridge-henge", it was constructed by two guys getting ready to recycle a bunch of old refrigerators...not quite as steeped in mystery as its older brother but still visually interesting.

So now we formally begin summer, and the long, slow slide back into winter as the days start getting shorter again.  I'm so happy I could spit.

This was also father's day weekend but I'm not going to wax philosophical on this subject as I have in the past.  I heard from 3 of my 5 sons of their own I kind of prodded by texting him first...the other son and I are what I guess you would call "estranged".  Such is life.  I told all of them at different times I hoped they would be able to overcome the horrors of their suburban, middle class upbringing.  That's what therapists are for, right?  We soldier on.

This was my breakfast of champions on Saturday...chips, ground beef, cheese, a fried egg, and hot salsa...oh yeah, that's the stuff....washed down with a good Modelo beer.  Ready to face the day...

...and since for the first time this summer season we actually had warm, sunny weather on the weekend, we spent a lot of it outside...I loaded my vintage coke cooler with ice and refreshments, turned on our low power AM broadcast station (tune into AM 1000 if you're ever within a hundred feet of my place) and chilled with our retro tunes for much of both Saturday and Sunday.

Of course the weekend wasn't all play...I also did some useful work:

...I repainted my mack truck cigar wooden stand, metallic silver ashtray.  It was a tough job but someone had to do it.

The backyard continues to flourish...our first lily popped up this week:
I love lilies...they are so beautiful...we also have yellow ones about to bloom.  Still waiting on the black eyed susans and daisies to make their appearance...then summer will have officially arrived.

So now it's approaching 11 pm and almost time to kiss the weekend goodbye...

Later, mcm fans...

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