Sunday, September 20, 2015

O What A Tangled...

...well, I didn't weave this spider's web...a big, black, ugly spider did, right in the entrance of our grape arbor that leads to Serenity Cove.  And you know what they say about real estate...the three most important parts are location, location, and location...alas, no more web for Mr. Spider.

Even though it's not quite officially Autumn yet - that happens this coming week - it definitely felt like it this weekend.  Temps in the 40's in the mornings, warming up into the 60's and low 70's during the day.

After two weeks of stress related to our system upgrade over the Labor Day weekend, this was pretty much a do nothing weekend.  Spent some time relaxing in the fading glory of our backyard, enjoyed an evening by the fire...
...did a little writing on what might turn into a novel length manuscript - it ain't a novel unless it gets published - finished up a couple of movies we'd started a couple of weeks ago...and in general, tried to ignore work problems and recharge a bit.  Mildly successful on that score, but it truly never ends.

Not really ready to jump back into the maelstrom that is work, but since I forgot to be a millionaire, it's off to work we go in the morning.

Later, mcm fans...

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