Monday, October 5, 2015

Sleeping With The...

...Marilyn...and there was in fact only one Marilyn, so she deserves the singular appelation.

Since winter's a'comin', Karen found a quilt rack for holding some of our blankets...once attached to the wall, she rearranged a few things and voila, a new look in the boudoir.  I like it.

Missed a couple of weeks of blogging...mostly due to being busy at work and finishing up a novel length manuscript I've been writing - it ain't a novel until it's published.

But that's going to happen pretty soon...getting some cover art together, then going to start publishing on Amazon for Kindle.

Always said I would never do the vanity press thing, and that is had to pay to get your book in print, and that's not how publishing is supposed to work.  The author is supposed to get paid, not pay to have his/her book published.

With Kindle publishing, there is no cost to the author at all...if you sell something, you get paid...if you don't sell anything, no money flows into your coffers.  I like this arrangement.

I do realize I'm throwing my hat into the ring that's already filled with thousands of other hats, hoping that somehow MY hat is going to stand out.  The clinical term for this is "delusional".  But since hope springs eternal, and there are enough success stories - e.g., 50 Shades - I'm going to give this a try.

Some pics that may end up as part of the cover art:

More to come...

Later, mcm fans...

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