Sunday, December 27, 2015

How Is It Possible...

...that Christmas 2015 has already come and gone?  But sadly, it has.

The above, by the way, was broadcast for almost 48 hours straight by one of the Hallmark channels...a yule log with "Happy the dog" and "Happy the cat" sniffing around the area off and on.  Very pretty, actually...they played Christmas carols the whole time, too...Karen and I sat downstairs in the theater room for an hour with that on the big screen while we decompressed from the Christmas rush.

As holiday seasons go, this one was pretty was crazy busy as always, but not chaotic...and by Christmas week we were winding down...just in time for me to take a long four day weekend.

We did in fact watch Scrooge on Christmas eve, then enjoyed a relaxed Christmas day with Karen's kids, and Amy's boyfriend...opened gifts, enjoyed a good meal prepared by Karen...

...and marveled at how long it takes Christmas to get here and how quickly it races by each and every year.

Amy bought me a couple of cool gifts...a vintage style football and helmet...and they inspired me to set up a display among my 1930's radios downstairs of my favorite NFL player of all time:
That's Bronko Nagurski, the legendary Minnesota All American and NFL Hall of Famer.  They used to say you could always see the path Bronko ran after every play by following the trail of blood.  A big, bruising, two way player, he led the old Chicago Bears to three NFL championships, coming out of retirement in 1943 for the last one.

He was also the world heavyweight champion in wrestling, back when wrestling was real...a man's man during the era that was considered a compliment, not a politically incorrect offense to all the feminazis and pajama boys of today.

Here's a shot of the display as it sits among some of my art deco radios:

Karen dragged me out to the mall the day after Christmas, and I have to admit they do a good job of decorating and making it festive:
'Tis the season for shopping and they try really hard to make it as pretty as possible while you're divesting yourself of all your hard earned cash.

One of my favorite Christmas cards this year was actually an invitation to the work Christmas party:
Very mid century modern look and feel which made perfect sense since the boss' home is a spectacular mcm gem from the mid 60' that vibe.

So it's back into the fray tomorrow, but only for three days...then I have another four day weekend coming up to finish out the year.

Later, mcm fans...

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