Sunday, December 13, 2015

Less than...

...two weeks til Christmas...officially time to panic...happens every year...because of the craziness at work from before Thanksgiving right through Christmas, the season zips by and good luck getting everything done in time.

Oh well, time to stop whining and get after it.  On the plus side, there's no snow to slog through this was in the 60's today so I took Mr. T out for a nice drive.
Well, didn't take it quite that far...just around the neighborhood and Lamar enjoyable jaunt.

Went to our work Christmas party last night...
Karen was resplendent in her Christmas finery, but I don't know who the old guy is she was with in this picture.  I might be jealous except whoever that is has to be at least twenty years older than me, so no threat there.

I do notice Santa Claus photo bombed the pic...sneaky little elf.

Today has been a recovery day...turned on Christmas carols this morning and pretty much let them play all day...give me an excuse to use some of my old, art deco radios...
1933 Colonial Globe Radio
Later, mcm fans...

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