Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome Spring...

...2016...and none too soon.  Ok, none too late, either from a meteorological standpoint...give thanks for the vernal equinox, when daytime and nighttime are about the same length.  The good news is daylight is increasing now.

Either way, I am completely over winter and anxiously awaiting more than just the date on the calendar as evidence spring has sprung.  We are in desperate need of some actual sunshine and warmth.

Missed out on the holy grail of radio collecting this week...saw a Stewart Warner R-192 on ebay:

A beautiful, rare Canadian radio from the 1930's...I threw a bid at it, knowing it wouldn't last, and boy was I right...someone with a lot deeper pockets than mine shelled out almost $3,900 for this gem.  Sorry, but even I think that's is probably worth around $2500.

One I did happen to grab this past week for considerably less than that is this 1949 Philco, a combination radio and 78 rpm phonograph:
Styled like their "boomerang" radio from the same year, it's a very cool, early mid century modern marvel.  Here's a pic of how you put your 78 record inside:
The radio works, the phono does not, so I'm dropping it off at Bob Chase's a little later today...not that I have dozens of 78 rpm records mind you, but I like the stuff I buy to work.

Finished book two of the Papa's Model T young readers series, and "The Rescue" is now available on
You can find it here:

All feedback is welcome, of course.

Saw a quiet, interesting movie this weekend: Brooklyn.
This is an intelligent, thoughtful movie about an Irish immigrant in the early 1950's and her struggles coming to terms with her new life in Brooklyn, New York.

More than that, it makes you think about the amazing truth that millions of people from other countries left their homelands for more opportunity and a better life for themselves and their families in America.  Along the way they built our bridges, tunnels, roads, buildings and became the backbone and the engine that makes this country work.

It's well worth your time to see this movie and contemplate the broader truths it suggests.

Later, mcm fans...

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