Sunday, May 22, 2016

Invasion Of The... 'possums...never fear, PETA* actual 'possums were harmed during the filming of this animal relocation project.  Well, other than the three that have drowned so far in our pool and pond...but technically we didn't relocate them anywhere, so they don't count.

This one was wandering about our backyard so to save him (her?) from the fate of his deceased siblings, we decided to move him to a nearby park.  While walking to the car we saw yet another baby 'possum lining up to be roadkill, slowly ambling across our we scooped it up they're free to "womp and fwowic in the fowest" as Elmer Fudd once opined to a recalcitrant Bugs Bunny.

Of course, we did discover mommy 'possums can have anywhere from six to twenty five babies at a time, so we may not be done with the infestation yet

[*PETA: People Eat Tasty Animals]

"Finished" (a relative term) the goldfish pond this week...added a frog spitter:
My mother used to tell me spitting was a nasty habit, but as a friend opined, at least it's not a statue of a little boy urinating in the pond.

The point is to aerate the water, and it should help with that.

But speaking of frogs, here's one of my favorite documentaries on the common every day Rana Temporaria:

One Froggy Evening

Drove to the Allendale Aquatic Nursery and bought a few more goldfish...all the original teeny tinies I bought from a local pet shop gave up the ghost this past week.

Those were comets; these are supposed to be a hardier breed:

The gold and white are sarassas and the ones with blue in them are three of each and a couple of water lettuce plants...guess I'll know in a week if this is going to work any better.

It's a cool start to Sunday, a beautiful sunny day, and I'm spending it outside luxuriating amidst the glories of nature...
Mr. Frog, spitting and staring wide eyed in the distance.  Staring is another thing my mother told me not to do.
It's a jungle back here.
The site of our first pond; now a flower pond.
Chief MorningFire enjoying a, uh, morning fire...
Started Papa's Model T: The Grey Ghost last night...still putting the details together but I have a general outline worked out.  This will be the fourth book, so I think I can honestly say it's a series.  Now if I can just convince people to actually read them.  Maybe I should have majored in marketing instead of basketweaving when I was in college.

Remember, Life is better down that old dirt road...

Later, mcm fans.

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