Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Proper Chapeau...

 ...finishes the look for the well dressed gentlemen...the goggles ain't bad, either...found both the 1920's boater and the sunglasses / goggles on a cool website, Gentleman's Emporium 

Lots of great, historical clothing and accessories for those of us who suffer from "Golden Age" thinking...the steadfast belief that a previous age was better than this one and so we spend our time pining away in reveries of halcyon days of yore.  (Watched the news lately?  and by "news" I don't mean staring at fakebook pages on your handheld widget.)

Or maybe we just appreciate the accomplishments of those who went before us and enjoy delving into their history.

Either way, you should check out their website...lots of era appropriate garb for your next period costume party.

For my part, the upcoming Metro Cruise will find me in a white shirt, black bow tie, canvas straps and pants wearing my boater and goggles as I pilot Mr. T down 28th street.  Might throw in a cane as well.

Hotter than blue blazes yesterday, all the way up to 95 (anyone from south of the Mason Dixon line, spare me the condescending quips about cold blooded Yankees).

...but today is rainy and cooler...hopefully the straw masquerading as grass in front of our house will get some green back.

the view from Mr. T this morning...

Watched a movie last night that's so bad it's good...Joe vs The Volcano...Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan...
Karen has heard me quote so many lines from this good / awful movie so many times she decided we had to watch it...and afterward I think she got its core it's a love story - albeit a silly one - that's both watchable and embarrassing for it's cheesy special effects.

this toy store quality hammerhead with wiggle eyes was "amazing"...they def are not going to need a bigger boat...
Great cinema it ain't, but a good time it is.

Touching briefly on the RNC / Ted Cruz dust up, where Mr. Cruz gave a prime time speech but studiously avoided endorsing Donald line of the night belonged to Chris Wallace who after the speech asked rhetorically, "Why do so many people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz?  To save time."

Second best line goes to Mike Huckabee who opined, "Cruz laid an egg, but Mike Pence made an omelet out of it."

And now we move on to the hysteria of the DNC...with politics, my main goal is usually "don't get any on me".  This upcoming week that is especially true.

Later, mcm fans...

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