Saturday, August 20, 2016

Up In...

...smoke...on a late August night...actually a very early August morning...there's some symbolism here but that's for another day.

Did manage to push up this much weight on bench recently...
...that's 300 on the bar, and I count the bar itself as 10...not really positive how much the bar by itself weighs...I think 10 lbs is conservative.  Anyway, no one is ever going to confuse me with Mr. America but I turn 60 in a few months and I feel ok about where I'm at physically.

Watched part of one of my favorite movies the other night...and here's one of my favorite scenes from that movie:

...a little hard to see from this pic...taken from the theater screen downstairs while I was watching the movie...that's the Rocketeer flying toward my favorite plane, the Ford TriMotor.

Always love watching that flick, and always think about how he would have certainly fried his butt and legs to a crisp wearing that jet pack.

And apropos to the above, finished book 5 of the Papa's Model T series...this one is called "The Tin Goose":

The back cover blurb is as follows:

Life is better down that old dirt road.

This fifth installment of the Papa's Model T Young Reader series finds Ike and Papa X on another time traveling adventure.  This time they're flying on the airplane that changed the world, The Tin Goose.

Along the way they get to meet one of baseball's most enduring and misunderstood heroes, the great Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Old fashioned car, old fashioned values, a great read for your young reader and you.

Finally went to see Cafe Society at the Woodland Mall theater...absolutely love that theater's art deco styling...from the spectacular sign out front: their beautiful light fixtures in the movie halls themselves:

All of this was perfect for Cafe Society, set in the 1930's...the movie itself was just ok, not one of Woody Allen's best efforts...but the scenery, the fashion, the cars, the color palette used to evoke that era...all of it was superb...will def buy the dvd when it comes out just to enjoy the ambiance of that time.

The big excitement happened just before the movie...a tornado touched down in Grand Rapids, and did quite a bit of damage...but evidently we were in the right place bc the stores near the theater actually evacuated into the theater...we were undisturbed and continued watching the show.

Afterward we stopped into Red Robin for a bite to eat...they have cool decor as well, mostly from the 1950's...

Some of it is just pop culture stuff...visually interesting...and the food is really quite good.

Power was out when we finally made it back home, but came back on around 9:30 pm.

Now, to plagiarize our favorite singing terrorist, Cat Stevens, another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody, I think I'll cruise around in my model T...

If you read that in a certain cadence with a specific tune in your head, I know how old you are.

If you heard the voice of the great Sam Cooke in your head instead of Cat Stevens, you're even older than I thought.

Later, mcm fans...

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