Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Lost...

...weekend...but it was for a good of Karen's niece's got married.  Gotta hand it to the Catholics...they do know how to build sanctuaries that evoke the magnificent grandeur of the Lord God Almighty.

a huge stained glass window in the worship center...
The reception was first class as the University Club downtown, 10th floor with a beautiful view of the Calder Plaza and surrounding area.

all lit up at night...
The "happy couple" seems truly happy...he's a native of China and the speech his mom gave in broken English brought tears to my eyes...filled with gratitude to live free in the U.S. where she can work hard to support her family and enjoy the fruits of her labors.  If every citizen had her attitude this country would be a hundred, no a thousand times more productive and better off than it is now.

So there were many good points about their wedding and reception, but it did in fact take all of Saturday...from preparation in the morning for the 2pm service to the reception in the evening from 6pm until 11.

Since I'm hearing impaired and can't endure three or four hours of crowd noise mixed with loud pounding dance music, I occasionally left the reception and wandered a bit...

...which means for the very first time I actually did a little bit of the art prize thing...and I kinda liked the Michigan map composed of individual pictures of birds, wildlife, etc,

So Saturday disappeared in a flurry of commitments and unfortunately, Sunday had its share of system issues: our main server failed over to the disaster recovery data center...cleanup of that mess took several hours so I feel like I'm headed back into another work week without any real weekend in between.  So sad....

Switching gears, after giving away more than half my Halloween decor in an effort to declutter our house and garage, I've succumbed to the temptation to buy one small prop for the big night:

should be fun for the little trick or treaters...

But now work is screaming at me again, so off to complete a couple of "before Monday" tasks.

Later, mcm fans...

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