Tuesday, November 22, 2016


...Preparations...table setting...getting ready for the big day.

Karen is an excellent cook, and even though we won't have a houseful...probably Jon, maybe Micah and Ryan...she'll still make a delicious meal full of Thanksgiving goodness.

I'll do my best to stay out of the way and be available to help any way I can.

When we do sit down to feast, we'll give thanks to God in heaven for the food before us, the family around us, the love between us, and His Presence among us...then enjoy the bounty He has graciously provided.  Gotta love this holiday.

Of course, the next day and following will be a study in chaos at work as we do battle during the "black Friday / cyber week" wars.
Thankfully we're not in retail sales, but we're right next to it since we're wholesale and online ecom,

Assuming we survive the following week, we'll do our best to navigate the rest of the holiday season...
...enjoying a good ol' fashioned, mid century modern Christmas...replete with aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel.  How cool is that?

Tonight right after work we had a WMS (warehouse management system) team dinner at Knickerbockers...
That's the greeter, so you get an idea what you're in for during the evening.

Here are a few of the victims...
...I did say "a few"...there are others not seen in the picture...and no, they were not devoured by the door dragon.  He actually behaved himself.

Karen did some calling around today and we may be doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble during December...

...they help out by advertising, posting on their FB page, calling teachers in the area (since ours is a kids' book), etc.

I'll be honest...with very modest sales, it would be intimidating to show up at our own book signing event and listen to the crickets while we wait for someone to, y'know, actually ask us to sign a book.

On the other hand, the store manager looked up our titles on Amazon and was excited about the fact that a) we wrote a series of kids' books, and b) would be willing to do a book signing at their store.

Thinking about it...it's not like I have some other master plan working to drum up sales...though we did sell another set of all five PMT books - paperbacks - today.

It's fast approaching the witching hour and there's no debate on the question of me needing my beauty sleep, so...

Later, mcm fans...

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