Thursday, November 17, 2016

'Twas The Week...

...'fore Thanksgiving...and all through our house, we had fowl 'round the hearths...

...and nary a mouse...(with apologies to Clement C, Moore)

Those are the three metal birds I ordered from the Garden Fun website...a turkey and pheasant (top pic) and a quail (bottom pic on the right).

They're beautiful and seasonally appropriate for Thanksgiving.

But sadly, this is THE forgotten holiday.

Doubt me on that?  Here's what every store looks like two weeks or more before Thanksgiving:
That happens to be Bath and Body at the mall a week ago, but they're all the same.

Very annoying.

And a crying shame, too, because we should all make a point of pausing and giving thanks to God in heaven for His mercy and grace and bounteous provision.

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday, in the midst of the bloodiest war in our history.
Lincoln at Sharpsburg
That might seem like odd timing to some, but beseeching the Lord God Almighty during times of great crisis is always the best plan...and giving thanks is always the right thing to do.

Hey, here's an exciting tidbit:

It's now 10 days after the election, and the ONE state that still has not been able to count up their votes in the presidential election is...drum roll please...MICHIGAN!

O yez O yez O yez, ladies and gentlemen, the ONLY state in the union that still has not mastered basic math, that is so incompetent and inept it simply cannot tell who voted for whom...if you seek an ignorant peninsula, look about you...MICHIGAN!


later, mcm fans...

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