Sunday, December 11, 2016


...Spring?  Gotta hand it to these black eyed susans...middle of our first big snowstorm and they're still hanging on.  I'll refrain from preaching on some of the more obvious lessons here and let the picture speak its 1000 words just by being.

More pics from the storm today:
the view from Mr. T...

about 8 inches of snow on the manger...
...and the manger scene from last night:

I'm still not writing...PMT6 is percolating but apparently not done yet.

My dilemma haiku:

To where have you disappeared?
My career needs you.

Finished reading "The Railway Man" and as usual, the book is much better than the movie...and the movie was quite good, as almost every movie with Colin Firth is.

Eric Lomax was an excellent writer (died in 2012) to put you in the middle of his desperate situation as a POW of the merciless Japanese army.

As harrowing as that is, his story is ultimately about the ability to forgive and move beyond the horrible wounds of the past.

The ending is very meaningful, his last line profound in its simplicity: Sometime the hating has to stop.

He was definitely a better man than I.

Time to watch a movie with Karen...

later, mcm fans...

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