Sunday, January 15, 2017


...I hope...I'm writing again, this time in a completely different genre.  For the first time I'm dipping my toe into non-fiction.

Working title: On Being A a pajama boy world.

Thanks to Kathy Beatty for the suggestion on the title change...much better than my first choice.
And thanks to Dave Roderick for help in rearranging some content...much more coherent flow after taking his advice.

Will I finish it?  Feeling pretty good about "yes" on this one.

Now "will I publish it?" is another question...not so sure about that.  Need to make a lot more progress on both content and coherent messaging before I can answer intelligently.

But at least I'm writing my world that's a good thing..

Oh, the cover boy pic is of #4 son...he's a beast.  He never reads this blog so unless I tell him he won't know I'm using his image.

Yes, I'll tell him...before this goes anywhere I'd need his permission to use his image...but the cover pic above may very well change by that time anyway...we'll see how far I get.

A few weeks ago I bought an old "Geneva Cutlery" straight razor on's a 5/8" blade and I paid all of $18 for it...spent some time cleaning and sharpening it, and it has become my favorite razor.
As you can see it just had plain black celluloid "scales" (handles).

Yesterday I changed them for natural wood scales:

Kind of a pain in the butt because the tiny washers for the pins that came with the wooden scales didn't really fit on the pins...they were too small...spent some time working with them and eventually got everything put together.  I like the way it turned out...much nicer look and feel...shaved with it this morning and I'm pleased with how it feels in my hand.

Last night Karen and I watched "De-Lovely", the complicated story of Cole Porter, his wife Linda, his incredible music and their enduring relationship.
Up front warning - it's a frank treatment of Cole Porter's homosexuality so if you can't deal with that little bit of reality this may not be for you.

But since reality is, Karen and I decided to soldier through this vale of tears.  It's incredibly well done, well acted with of course splendid music and a spectacular look at amazing times during the first half of the 20th century.

However, make no mistake - it definitely has elements of tragedy, and how could it not?  Marriage is supposed to be God's plan for a man and woman for life, and the odd partnership between these two lost souls never afforded that.

Worth a look if only for the genius of Cole Porter and his music, but don't expect anything close to the wistfully happy story told by Cary Grant's Night and Day from 1946.
later, mcm fans...

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