Sunday, January 1, 2017

Saw Some Sun...

...on January One...what will they think of next.

Heard a weather report that said during the first two weeks of December we had a total of 55 minutes of sunshine...less than an hour of sunshine in two weeks.

Who me, depressed?  Gotta love Michigan winters.  Counting down the days 'til Spring...

Spotted a deer in our backyard...
...hanging by our pond.  Here he is at night:
Must be one o' them electercal deer I done heer'd so much about...

Snapped a pic of Amy and her boyfriend Peter before they departed for their New Year's Eve celebration last night:
They make a handsome couple, do they not?  And Peter seems like a gentleman, very polite and respectful.  Do I sound old?  O well...there was a day when being well behaved and polite was considered normal behavior.  Nice to see that hasn't gone completely out of style yet.

Last night was the usual for us...Karen made lots of good food and we settled in for our favorite New Year's Eve movie...
Great flick...but since we got an early start it was done by 10:15...too we put in Midnight In Paris and watched that, too.

At five minutes til midnight we turned on the tv and marveled at the sad, pathetic people that pass for entertainers today...if great entertainers of the past like Sinatra, Crosby and Martin could only see today's crop of so called stars they'd be astounded.  I can hear them now debating what must have changed that reduced actual talent to a nice-but-not-need-to-have.

"You mean bizarre hair / clothes / tattoos / body piercings have taken the place of skill and talent?  Well do-be-do-be-do..."

Oh well...the ball dropped. we shared a kiss, waited up for one of the sheep to return to the fold then collapsed into bed.

And today has been a very laid back, low key day...did a little cleanup from the night before, made sure that month/quarter/year end went well on the system (it did), got a workout in, drove Mr. T around the neighborhood...
...and did a little programming on the system.

Now I think it's movie time...

later, mcm fans...

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