Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Descent...

...Into The Maelstrom...with apologies to Mr. Poe.

This past week has not been quite as terrifying as E.A.'s story from the 1800's, but as work week's go it's been intense.

Finally took the plunge into "go live" mode with our Warehouse Management System, beginning with a very long weekend of physical inventory and software cutover.  My one, 30 hour all nighter last Sunday/Monday pales in comparison to the hours some other team members have put in to this effort, but it was plenty for me.

We're making progress and gaining on it, which is to say the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight...
...and we are hopeful that's not an onrushing locomotive.

We'll know more by the end of this week.

In other, less stressful doin's, I purchased a spoon from Kelly Leonard.
What were you expecting?

It's a custom made, pre-1900's golf club, and it's a beaut.  Hickory shaft, of course.

Should arrive here within the next week or two, and I'm pretty excited about getting out on the links and proving I'm just as incompetent now as I ever was when it comes the ancient game.

I do hope to find a different attitude than I wielded in my younger days of ignorance and arrogance.

My plan is to find the joy of the activity and not be quite so results oriented as in days gone let go of the slavery of a score and become focused instead on embracing the process.

Destinations are nice, but journeys are better.  We shall see if I've matured or simply aged.

Mr. Leonard is a very skilled craftsman who makes beautiful woods from days gone by.  You should check out his website at K.L. Hickory

At the same time as our WMS go live week, February decided to morph into April, and the rest of the locals enjoyed sunny temps in the 50's and 60's.
might not have been quite this green but it was warm...
Naturally those of us involved with the WMS did not get to enjoy that as we spent our 18 to 20 hours of consciousness each day laboring in the salt mines...but as we kick February in the ass and say hello to March this week, we at least have hope for what's ahead.

And what's ahead at the moment is the rest of Sunday, so I shall say kuaga*

later, mcm fans...

* Swahili for "farewell"

* Crass Commercialism Corner *

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