Sunday, March 19, 2017


...imprisonment...note the open lid on the left, and our "prisoner" huddling on the far right of our havahart cage.

We're trying to catch and relocate Mr. Groundhog who has taken up residence behind and underneath our garage again...
So far Mr. G has avoided capture...and eventually Mr. Possum did exit the cage.

For living in the city, we have our share of wildlife frolicking in our backyard...
...some more welcome than others.

Making pretty good progress with "On Being A a pajama boy world"...
Finished the "Big Stuff" part of the manuscript last night...and have two of the five "Fun Stuff" chapters written...three more to go...The Game Of Kings, Tach It Up Tach It Up, and Mixology And Other Evils.

For The Game Of Kings I'll be interviewing former Michigan Open Chess champion (1980) Dave Whitehouse who garnered a USCF rating of 2271 at one time.  That put him solidly in the "Master" ranking.
I apologize for the grainy's from a 1981 .pdf of Michigan Chess, but it does show his assassin eyes...
By way of comparison, thirty years ago when I attempted to polish my game a bit playing computer chess, I had an unofficial, non-USCF rating that hovered around 1600...a B class ranking.

That means if Dave and I ever played a game I would be toast in about 12 moves, max.

I'm looking forward to hearing his point of view on all things chess.  Between Dave's insights and some summary info from Fred Reinfeld's chess books, this chapter pretty much writes itself.

For the two other chapters I'll spend some time bloviating about classic cars - wonder if Mr. T might show up in that chapter?
- and try to give a reasoned approach to the wild wacky wonderful world of alcohol.  The scriptures do speak to this issue but not in the way most people tend to think.

A legitimate case can be made that misguided fundamentalist zealots...
...unwittingly helped usher in the most lawless period in modern American history with Prohibition in the 1920's and the consequent meteoric rise of organized crime.
Be legal, sober and moderate and you'll be fine.  Some folks can't manage that and shouldn't touch the stuff.  Others can and should feel free to enjoy if they wish.

Nosy busybodies who feel the need to run everyone's life for them should butt out and take a whack at running their own.

My dos centavos.

Adios amigos...

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