Saturday, April 29, 2017


...of the Rastafarians...sorry for the bad pic...I'm looking over my back fence, across the neighbor's yard, at the assembly of the first church of the crazy zanies.

Ok, not positive they're rastafarians, but they are nuts.  They had some kind of outdoor "worship service" from 3 am until 5  am - I kid you not - where they beat on big drums and chanted endlessly, occasionally screaming like banshees.

Think about that for a minute.  How self-absorbed and downright idiotic do you have to be to think it's ok to make that kind of disturbance in a residential neighborhood from 3 am until 5 am?

Since I'm deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other, all I had to do was turn over on my left side and my world went pleasantly quiet...but Karen on the other hand got to sit up and listen to the bona fide genuine grade A mo-rons for 2 hours.

And they started again around 8 am, which is when I snapped this pic.

Must have been some kind of high holy day for the squash brains...tons of cars parked everywhere...maybe the anniversary of Haile Sellasie's first communion or some equally cosmic event..

Talk about giving church goers a bad name...may the good Lord in heaven deliver us from the galactically stupid.

Karen and I drove out to Holland today to have a look at "our" house to see what it's like when things start blooming...
 ...that's the view from the road...don't know what the pink flowering tree in the middle of the wall is, but it's gorgeous.

Spent some time exploring our surroundings, getting our bearings for our new digs in the Holland area...we really like what we see...very excited to move out there and enjoy the last half of summer and the fall...notice I stopped short of my favorite season...

On our way back we stopped at a greenhouse to start the flowering of our backyard...this particular greenhouse has a beautiful pond in the middle of all their plants...
Didn't buy too much...threat of frost this coming Tuesday night...but did get a start with some petunias and begonias.

The rest of our day was spent working on our "house decluttering"'s overwhelming...and we have 3 weeks to get this house ready to show.  My aching. back...

Rains settling in no hickory golf tomorrow...wouldn't have gone anyway since Benjamin and Brooke stopped in for the weekend...last minute thing...they're up for Benjamin's mom's 60th birthday and previous lodging plans fell through I guess.

He was hesitant to ask since they're here to fete my beloved ex-, but I couldn't care less about that.  "Honor your father and your mother" quoth the Scripture, so have at it.

I'm happy for any reason to have them stop by and visit.

Guess that's all the news from home, so...

later, mcm fans...

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