Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Ice...

...on the birdbath...winter's grip is slowly being broken.

Actually experienced some sunny and almost warm weather this weekend.  It has been a long time outside in a t-shirt sans goose bumps for the first time in a very long time...hoping this trend continues...I've had quite enough of cold, dark, snowy/rainy weather for awhile.

Karen's still on the house hunting kick...saw one that used to be an old barn, converted into a's the great room in that home:
It's impressive, and easily the best feature of the home.

Unfortunately it has quite a few downside issues as garage, no central air, no basement, little storage space, dirt driveway and small lot...all of which are reasons why it's been for sale for almost 100 days at its current will stay on the market for another 100 days if the sellers won't move on the price.

In my world I'd add "not midcentury modern" as another strike against it, but now we're talking personal taste, not actual flaws.

It was something that caught Karen's eye so we walked through it.

Watched a couple of movies this weekend, neither of which got good reviews, but both of which I thought were very well done with fine acting performances, beautiful costumes, period designs and interesting stories.

The first was Ben Affleck's "Live By Night", a 1920's/30's gangster saga...
Ignore the theology of this film - and unbelievably, there is some proffered here, including an "I'm totally lost and in search of a clue" ending - and focus instead on the gripping story of a WWI veteran turned disillusioned outlaw.

Affleck and Zoey Saldana burn up the screen in a true love story, and one of my favorite character actors, Chris Cooper, turns in yet another nuanced performance.  He's a jaded southern police chief struggling to retain some sense of decency amid rampant corruption that defined the prohibition era.

Loved the gorgeous costumes and scenery and the classic 1920's/30's cars are stunning.  Gotta get a 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster.

The other movie was Rules Don't Apply...
...a journey into the bizarre, deteriorating and mentally unstable world of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes in the mid 1960's.  Especially noteworthy are Lily Collins and Warren Beatty.

Probably won't watch this one again - mental illness is not a fun journey to endure - but again the period costuming and design are both excellent, and Lily Collins especially gives a masterful turn as a talented, sheltered beauty contest winner who grows up quickly in the strange surroundings of Howard Hughes' Hollywood fantasy world.  Her transformation is a delight to watch.

In other news there's not much other news...lunch today with #2 son should be enjoyable, gotta get a good workout in, and as always there's work related stuff to tend to.

So...onward and upward...

later, mcm fans...

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