Saturday, April 8, 2017

Vapor Trail... the oldest daughter has apparently taken up vaping, the modern day nicotine delivery system that's basically the equivalent of a cigarette.  Made for an interesting picture this morning.

Work is finally calming down a little, just in time for our next big panic of a project.
We've got an all day meeting next week on this, so we can plan how to, you know, kiss the summer goodbye...

I've gotten "On Being A Man..."
...into the hands of a couple of people to be read / edited...and next week I'm giving a proof copy to a pastor friend I know for his review.  I've asked him to rip the theology to shreds and tell me where I've gone wrong.

Would like to find at least one other person to give it a read...preferably a professing Christian male, but not someone who's in full time ministry...mainly because I think that's my target who claim to know Christ as their savior and who are simply living life in today's world...punching the clock, doing the 8 to 5 gig and just trying to hold it together with work, faith and relationships.

Still trying to decide if I'm going to publish or not...for whatever reason I needed a break from fiction, and this book provided that.  It was fun working through the subject and I just plain enjoyed writing the second half of the book about "Fun Stuff" of being a man.

But now I think I'm ready to write the next Papa's Model T book, in spite of its spectacularly unspectacular performance in the marketplace.

Dakota tribal wisdom says when you find yourself riding a dead horse...
...the best strategy is to dismount.

We'll see.

In the meantime it's looking like a nice day out there so...

later, mcm fans...

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