Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Pleasant Stroll...

...through the country...which is really quite a change for me.

In days of yore I definitely considered golf a good way to ruin an otherwise pleasant stroll through the county...
...but hickory golf - and quite possibly whatever maturity I might have accidentally stumbled upon due to the accumulation of years...has changed that now.

Played 9 holes this morning from about 7 am until 9, did not do especially well, but had a really good time.
On this course and at that time, I am all by my lonesome, so when I don't hit a good shot, I drop another ball and take another whack at it.

And I'm getting a little better.  If you're an actual golfer, do not read this next part as it will burn your eyeballs, but ex-pilot that I am I've developed a simple 1-2-3 checklist before each shot.

It's nothing major, just a routine that helps me think for a moment instead of mindlessly swinging away.

And it does feel good when the ball flies straight and long down the fairway.

When it doesn't happen like that - and right now, that's about half the time - it doesn't bother me.  I pick up my bag and enjoy a little more of that pleasant stroll through the beautiful scenery.

In keeping with the hickory tradition, I bought - and used today - a sand tee mold:
It's a cool little spring-loaded brass put slightly wet sand inside, the push the top button down to push the sand onto the ground...and that's what you use to tee up your ball instead of the (now) traditional wooden / plastic tee.

There's a tiny explosion of sand as you hit the ball, and it's part of what I'm loving about hickory golf.

Other than the spoon wood and putter I bought from K. Leonard, a hickory club maker in Canada, my other hickory clubs are from the 1920's / 1930's...and I often take time to contemplate what my predecessor was thinking, feeling, seeing, experiencing way back when he was swinging the exact same club I'm about to.

What kind of day was it?  Warm and sunny?  Cloudy and cool?  Was he with a group or playing by himself?  Did he enjoy the game or do it as social obligation?  Was he good or just a duffer like me?  And when he finished, did he climb in his Model T and motor back home?

Anyway, his spirit and mine commingled for a couple of relaxing hours this morning on the links.

Which is good, bc it's back to the real world now, where chaos continues to rule the day.
Our lives are currently dominated by sorting, discarding, packing and moving...but there is progress.

The 2017 version of our backyard paradise began taking shape this weekend, just in time bc we need to start showing this home by end of the coming week.  Hopefully the right buyer will walk through the door and fall in love with our little resort backyard the way we have.

Selling on ebay is going pretty well...unloading a few big ticket items which is definitely going to help in the days ahead...moving is expensive.

But enough whining for one blog to be done on this beautiful summer-like day.

later, mcm fans...

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