Sunday, June 11, 2017

Days Of Wine...

...and Peonies...and Roses...with apologies to Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick.  If you haven't seen the gritty 1962 black and white masterpiece, you should...Days Of Wine And Roses.

That's 3 Buck Chuck wine, by the way...Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon from Trader Joes...used to be Two Buck Chuck, but you know how inflation is.  Still, a great value for a decent wine...just don't drink as much as Joe Clay did.

So we're one step away from finalizing the sale of our home...buyer inspection was Friday and all went well...tomorrow is the appraisal and we're holding our breath a bit on that.  Buyers definitely want the home for the price they offered, even agreeing to pay $2000 more than the appraisal...but we won't hold them to that...we agreed on a price and that's what we'll sell it for as long as Mr. Appraiser doesn't throw too big a wrench into the deal.

Friday and yesterday were all about working at the new much to do, and everything has to get worse before it gets better.  Walking around our new home in its current torn apart state is depressing...I'd like this to be one of those HGTV shows where the Property Brothers or their kin tell us, "Ok kids, time to disappear for awhile...we'll call you back when it's perfect!"

Sadly, no such luck so we press on.

This morning I escaped into my new favorite pasttime...
...and miraculously, I'm actually getting a little better at times...I said "at times"...bc golf is like an experienced boxer who knows how to sucker you into position so he can unleash a punishing combination just when you think you're doing ok.
So I have no illusions that "I'm good!"  I'm not...I'm a hack, but in spite of that unfortunate reality, I'm really having a great time with my new toy.

It's quiet and peaceful at 6:30 in the morning and at least for awhile I have the place to's solitude, a little bit of exercise, and when I do happen to hit it right, more fun than I should be allowed to have at my age.

Had some big changes at work this past week which are going to seriously impact a large project...fallout is still happening so we'll see where we are once all the dust settles.  Much of the fallout appears to be of the emotional, not operational, variety...sometimes perception proves more powerful than reality.

We'll see.

Yet another trip to the new home on the docket...this time to tear down the living room ceiling...more dust, more mess, more dumpster fodder...

...but before that, I will be arrested and charged with fish abuse if I do not go buy some fish flakes today...
...for Alvin, Theodore and whatever the third one's name is that I can never remember...

later, mcm fans...

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