Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 5th...

...moving day...also my dad's birthday...he would have been 96 today.

I'm not overly sentimental so I don't find any cosmic significance in this coincidence...but as we wrap up 12 years of our lives and turn the page to a new chapter, I have to admit to some emotion.

We enjoyed our time in this home, but I'm ready for what's next...
...which at the moment equates to chaos and confusion...but looking a month (or two) ahead, I know we're going to love living here.
1958 GE Slimline TV
The mid century modern vibe is one that agrees with us.

As we finally emptied the old place I took one last walk around the backyard...
...and spotted this butterfly perched atop a cone the shadow play on the sidewalk below.

We pass through Zeeland on our way to our new digs, and it finally dawned on me I drive right by the building where my 1966 mid century modern grandfather clock was made...
...the colonial clock longer the home of an espresso / coffee shop.
....but back in the day they made precision time pieces, not java.

Anyway, I frankly admit to being exhausted...we have waaaaay too much stuff to fit in this house, and the overflow is currently filling up the garage...and the guest room...and we haven't even touched the storage unit we rented when we decluttered to get our old home in showroom condition.

Hard decisions ahead...but for now...

later, mcm fans...

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