Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Bag... all its minimalist glory...exactly what I had in mind when I contacted Mike Armstrong from Atrixleather on Etsy.

Comfortably holds 3 or 4 clubs which is all I need for playing 9...for whatever reason I've been able to hit my mashie and niblick fairly well right from the start.  It's the longer cleek and woods...that tie me up in knots.

And for what hickory golf means to me - some solitude, exercise and a pleasant stroll through the country - it's far more important to enjoy a well hit shot, even if it's short, than it is to flail away with the "correct" club in an effort to lower my score.

Friday on 7 I hit a beautiful approach shot with my mashie that landed about 10 yards away from the water hazard in front of the green.

I then lofted a 50 yard niblick shot over the water that landed right in the middle of the green...a rare display of back to back competence that I may not repeat for many more holes of golf.

But right then I could have been Bobby Jones waving modestly to the gallery as I walked to my putt, Calamity Jane in hand.

That was a "moment" - serene, peaceful, rewarding - and it's why I've embraced hickory golf as a favorite activity at this point in life.

Today we plan to visit the farmer's market and maybe stroll downtown Holland a bit.

...we need a short break from our every day routine of dealing with the house renovation.

Here's an interesting concept...
...that's a vintage teardrop trailer outfitted with an "aerolux" package to give it a 1930s art deco streamlined look.  The inside is basically just a mattress to sleep on, and the back opens up into a portable kitchen area...campstove and some storage.

Pretty much the opposite of today's "I put my entire house on wheels and I'm taking it with me to the campground" luxury trailers.

As someone once said to me, the problem with camping is it's "almost but not quite"...almost enough space but not quite, almost convenient but not quite, almost enjoyable but not most of the so called campgrounds where people park their trailers have a population density that rivals downtown Chicago.  You can reach out your trailer window and borrow your neighbor's salt shaker while listening to their boombox belting out "Achy Breaky Heart".

And yes I've heard all the stories - and suffered through a few of them personally - where we all drench ourselves with Off mosquito repellent, sit on lawn chairs or play bean bag toss, then gather around the campfire for stories and s'mores and songs.

It's all fun and games until someone yells "one more time!" after the 4th rendition of "100 bottles of beer on the wall"...

To each his own I guess, but not my thing.

Even so you have to admit that teardrop trailer is pretty cool.

This morning after golfing I was in the backyard taking a few practice swings with the tools of my ignorance and unbeknownst to me Karen snapped a few pics...

...gotta get those hips out of the way to start the downswing... can see my hips rotating and weight shifting...and isn't that a beautiful hickory club? the finish pulls my head up to follow the glorious flight path of another perfectly struck whiffle golf ball...
Ok so I may be guilty of hyperbole...but my practice shots were all pretty why can't I do that in real life??

But today on the links went pretty well...hit more good shots than bad and as anti-golf as it sounds, as long as I'm hitting them well, I actually like taking more strokes to finish each hole bc that means I get to hit more balls.  I like doing that.

I don't like playing from the rough or losing balls in water hazards and accumulating more strokes that way...but if I"m hitting my mashie and niblick well, I enjoy having 4 or 5 chances to strike the ball from the fairway to the green.  It's fun, bc I'm not a slave to the scorecard.

Don't get me wrong; if I could hit my woods and cleek with any consistency and accuracy I'd do so...but now we're back to the two things you need to excel in any discipline: talent and time to practice.

When it comes to golf, I don't have an abundance of either...but I do enjoy the my stripped down version which plays to my strengths and maximizes my enjoyment works for me at the moment.

Yeah, I know...all you serious golfers just clicked away from the lunatic's page.  Buh bye now...

Made some actual progress in the continuing battle to organize stuff...

yep, that's Mr. T in the garage, and I had to move a ton of crap out of the way to make that possible.  The depressing part is all the stuff I moved is still here...we didn't actually get rid of anything...but we did stage it on the side of the garage so we can get rid of it soon.  I'm going out on a limb here and counting that as progress.

And yes, that's Santa and his reindeer on the back shelf to the right...can't get much more mid century modern kitsch than that.

Shifting gears, what red blooded American male doesn't enjoy a good centerfold pinup?

Well, in the "makes me laugh" department...there are a couple of big storage cabinets in the back of my garage ...and when you open one of them on the left, the previous resident had a bunch of his favorite pinups on the inside of the door.
As you might have figured out, he was a hunter...pretty racy stuff.

It's another beautiful sunny morning...time to get after this day.

later, mcm fans...

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