Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Miracle Of...

...a kitchen sink...yeah, I know...pretty humble, just like the rest of our unfinished kitchen...but it's running water!  And we don't have to trek to the bathroom to fill up a glass with water or wash dishes now.

And be still my trembling heart!  We also have a gas stove and a dishwasher (that unfortunately arrived with a broken part, but will be fixed on Friday)!

A couple of months ago if you told me I would be excited by what I just related...but alas, 'tis true.

Such is the life of those living in a construction zone.  We're thankful we get to live indoors and eat.

In keeping with the mid century modern motif, we're putting laminate on our countertops:
meet "Betty"...

...and this is "Endora"
Should be a fun and period correct if we can just get the kitchen cabinet guy to give us his quote for the upper cabinets we might start to see off in the distance just the faintest outlines of a finish line for this project.

Of course all the electrical is not finished yet...and we still need get a roofer to patch parts of our leaky canopy...

In the "who, me...desperate?" category, we have this stunning new pool that Karen personally installed all by her lonesome:
Ah, luxury..."kiddie pool" be thy name...

A less than subtle hint to get my butt in gear with the actual pool construction.

One of the problems is it has to be dug by hand...not that it's huge or anything...9x13 in total, 3 feet in the shallow end, 5 feet in the "deep" end...but can't get any equipment other than shovels and a wheelbarrow in our courtyard... we have pool contractors scratching their eyebrows and pulling their chins over this massive obstacle.

Dig a hole?  You mean by hand?  That would be like, y'know, hard...way more than we're used to doing with our bobcats and front loaders...hmm...we'll get back to you...

C'mon guys...5 day laborers for two days...$1000 in labor cost and it's a fait acompli, then you move on with the rest of it.  If they're not American born it will only take 1 day and cost $500.

Is this really that impossible?

Ever see the Hoover Dam?

The Empire State building?

Mount Rushmore?

All built during the early part of the 1900's with lots of manual labor involved.

You'd think I was asking them to dig the Grand Canyon instead of a 9x13 pool.

And thus is the state of American labor in the present day.

Not impressive.

later, mcm fans...

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