Sunday, August 13, 2017

Covered... yummy pollen...a good day for Mr. Bee...he showed up on our fence rail after shamelessly cavorting with our flowers...
...recently planted by eyed susans, cone flowers, daisies...
...and hibiscus which are already here from previous owners...

Here's the best thing about my round of golf today...
...that's the early morning mist hanging low over the fields of a neighboring farm...I stopped on my way to the links and snapped that pic just bc I liked the way it looked.

The rest was pretty much downhill after that...didn't do terrible...only lost one ball, an errant shot into the woods...but didn't do well enough to feel good about it either...a few really good shots mingled with some really bad ones.  Best hole was probably 7...two decent mashie shots put me just in front of the water hazard, and a nice niblick shot would have put me on the fringe of the green had it been 3 feet to the it was it landed on the edge of the sand shot from there landed on the far edge of the green and a 2 putt made 6...should have been a five.

Progress on the house reno now has laminate countertops and #4 son cut a doorway through the stone wall from the kitchen into the TV room.
Lots of plastic everywhere to control the dust, of which there was plenty...
...and the (almost) end result: a doorway...with a hot wire strung across the bottom part...yet another job for the electricians.  Once they re-route that, Chris will frame in the doorway.

This was a major job that took about 5 hours to complete.  Chris has done lots of masonry / cement work in the past and said these were the hardest stones he's had to cut...he also believes they were probably quarried especially for this house since they are all so similar in size and appearance.

Since the home was custom built for a millionaire a way on back in 1961, he's probably right.

One thing's certain...if we ever finish this, it will be with much rejoicing and a deep sense of thanksgiving.  We love living here, but are tired of living in a construction zone.

Friday was a day off so I went bowling for the first time in a couple of years with predictable results...but it was still fun bc this place has wooden lanes, nothing synthetic...and no computer scoring, just paper sheets you score yourself.
I've done worse, that's for sure.

Summer's winding down, so I'm taking the next 3 Fridays off for long weekends...hoping for good progress on the house reno as well as some fun before Fall comes knock knock knocking on summer's door.

later, mcm fans...

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