Sunday, September 3, 2017

Chilly Morning...

...warm fire...about 46 degrees by the time I was outside relaxing for a few after an early morning wake up call from work.

I've mentioned before golf clubs should have names, not numbers... these hickory shaft clubs made by Louisville Golf in Kentucky...mid iron, mashie, niblick and putter.

And they served me well yesterday long as I remember to swing easy and not try to kill the shot, things usually go pretty well.

It's counter-intuitive, bc you'd think to hit the ball a long way you have to swing as hard as you can...but that never works for me.

My downswing needs to be started by my hips rotating out of the way and pulling my arms down...when I do that I hit it straight and a decent distance (for my hickory shaft clubs - no towering 300 yard drives here).

When I don't...when I try to power the ball...then my arms get ahead of my hip rotation and things pretty much go to hell in a handbasket.

At that point it's surprising how much profanity is required to restore equilibrium to the universe.  I try to avoid that situation whenever possible.

So I'm thinking of resurrecting my novel TAT...

I gave up on it a little over a year ago for several reasons...but recently when haying through my short stories to include in Cardinal 2 I decided to re-read it...

...and am pleased to discover it's not quite the shipwreck I remember...needs some work to be sure, but I'm motivated to fix and republish it.

And progress continues on Cardinal 2...will probably include another 5 or 6 short stories and a few poems this time, including some brilliant haiku.

Hey look!  Here's one now!

"I don't like Haiku
So don't ask me to write one.
Why would you do that?"

Poetry fans everywhere, eat your hearts out.

later, mcm fans...

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